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Refer a friend and get 20% off your next session!
See terms and conditions below

Terms and conditions

  1. Referrer must have attended a consultation and first session.
  2. Person referred MUST tick both the “recommended” and “other” boxes when booking a consultation through the website.They MUST write the name of the referrer in the other box. If attending a phone consultation, person referred must
  3. Person referred must attend both a consultation and the first session.
  4. Person must not have had therapy with Karin before.
  5. You cannot refer the same person more than once.
  6. Discount is based on your current session price.
  7. Discount must be used within 1 month of the referred attending their first session, you will be notified by email if you qualify and sent an expiry date.
  8. Discount is automatically applied to the referrer’s next booked session (subject to point 2 being fulfilled).
  9. Discount is not applied if the person referred does not attend or cancels. Person Referred must rebook within 2 weeks of original consultation or first session for referrer to still qualify for discount.
  10. Discount cannot be accumulated, for example if you refer 5 friends, you will not get a free session. Instead you will have your next 5 sessions at 20% off.

REFERRER- Previous or current client. The person referring a potential clientto “Karin Young Counselling”

PERSON REFERRED- The potential client who has not had therapywith Karin Young

“Karin is a phenomenal counsellor/therapist”

An amazing listener who offers the most valuable advice and understanding. After every session, I felt like things made more and more sense.

" I've met myself with your encouragement"

Talking about my most vulnerable past has become my biggest strength. That helped me to give my pain and fear a voice and now soothe myself.

" Karin was the best decision
I made for myself"

I was able to build a build a great therapeutic relationship with Karin. This allowed me to be my 100% unfiltered self, making it easier to identify the areas I needed to work on.

The most important thing to me in counselling/therapy is building a relationship with you.

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