When everything goes wrong

November 2, 2023

Sunday my boiler broke down, I was left without heating and hot water in the cold of April! This is not fun when you have to go to work and school.

Tuesday the car stopped working, thankfully I was at home but I needed my car to travel to a conference at the weekend.

Thursday my bank account locked me out! I could no longer manage invoices or keep up with client payments.

Saturday and Sunday I  had a work conference out of town, meaning there was little time to fix anything.

2 years ago this would have been the end of me, I would have spiralled, felt sorry myself and bent over BACKWARDS to find solutions as quickly as possible with no real idea if I was making smart choices. I'd be so so stressed and tense, I wouldn't have been able to focus on anything else.

But you know what it? It didn't spend me spiralling like it would before.

I have learned to master myself to STOP overthinking. By SHIFTING my FOCUS, I have moved away from problems and reactive solutions.

NOW, I take a moment to acknowledge how I feel, let the emotion pass and then respond with clear powerful actions to get things moving in the right direction.

Notice I said get things moving NOT solve it. Reactive problem solving does 3 things:

1. wastes your money

2. uses more of your energy

3. creates more problems

By calming myself down, I created a PAUSE- a space where I could gain some perspective and put the necessary jobs in order.

It went something like this.

Contact the bank and let them know there is an issue, check every so often for updates.

My boiler is new so I probably don't need a new one and I have insurance, so let's call them and see what they say. In the meantime google the boiler manual and see if theres a quick fix.

Call around get some quotes and pay a bit extra for the convenience of them coming to me. Once they arrived and assessed the problem, I Took 10 mins to compare battery prices so I didn't spend unnecessarily- that 10 mins saved me £100!

Then in between jobs, rather than stressing and cancelling my other plans, I continued the best I could and made do. My boiler wasn't fixed until Tuesday and do you know what it was? Water pressure that I topped up myself whilst being on the phone with the guarantee people. Saved myself at least £60+ by taking the time to think it through and make small progress in finding a solution!

Stress worry and anxiety make it soooo easy to get caught up in your emotions to the point where you can't see a way out and panic into a solution.

Being able to PAUSE, calm your body and respond powerfully is the solution for ALL solutions!

If you want to learn how to do the same, book a clarity call with me!