Therapy with Karin. Talking to protect & build your wellbeing

I meet clients where they are and work at their pace. Taking the first step is hard but better than no step at all.

Explore what's on your mind in a safe constructive way. If it's bothering you, it's worth talking about.

I’m here to listen to your story

What lead you to this point? What happened to you?
Let's work together effectively to bring about the change you need

Meet Karin

A professional Black British woman based in South London, a practising Christian with a passion for helping. I love supporting people to tell their stories and find their inner strength.


I love charity work and have been fortunate to work with many amazing charities over the years to support children. I have trained with Childline, Bereavement UK & Place2Be. Previously working with adults at Victim Support, One in Four and  supporting adults at (charities) was truly rewarding and lead to clients seeking me for private support.

More recently, I worked for 3 years across Bromley supporting children, parents and school staff as a Wellbeing Practitioner in Bromley.


  • 2022 Certificate in Relationship Science & Goals for couples
  • 2021 Certificate in Mindfulness
  • 2018 Post Graduate Diploma Psychotherapy & Counselling, University of East London
  • 2014 Level 3 Certificate Counselling Skills for Working with Children, Place2Be
  • 2010 Bsc Psychology & Counselling, Roehampton University

The counselling process can be challenging, even painful at times but it is equally empowering and freeing. Read below to hear from some of my clients.

Karins Philosophy

“I believe that everyone holds the innate potential to navigate their complexities and find balance and healing. My approach is built on the foundational belief in the restorative power of the human spirit and the transformative power of connection. In our sessions, I strive to create a sanctuary of understanding and trust.

This space is safe, where you are not judged but rather empowered to embrace your journey, no matter how it looks. Therapy, in my view, isn't about 'fixing' but about discovering, understanding, and evolving.

Through compassion, deep listening, and evidence-based strategies, we will work together to unearth your strengths, address challenges, and foster a path that aligns with your aspirations. Remember, in every shadow, there's an opportunity for light. Let's find yours.”

Sharing my insights

Discover self-care tips, therapeutic strategies, and personal stories that inspire and heal.