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From informative e-books to practical worksheets, each resource is designed to offer insights and exercises that you can integrate into your daily life.

Self Help
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

A 10 Step guide based on the top strategies clients find useful.

Self Help
5 Essentials to Smash Your Goals

Get ready to be challenged with this step-by-step guide

Self Help
10 Essentials for Low Mood

A step-by-step guide to get you through

Self Help
Overcoming Overthinking

There is so much you can do to slow overthink and regain your mind. This Guide shows you.

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Explore the diverse therapy types available, from cognitive behavioural to humanistic, and find the right approach for your journey.

Mental Well-being

Tackling issues of anxiety and low mood to restore your mental balance.

Self-worth and Relationships

Enhancing self-confidence and addressing concerns in relationships and friendships.

Navigating Loss

Providing guidance through bereavement, loss, and the spectrum of emotions.

Personal Growth

All our videos will be available to you anytime to watch offline.

Emotional Processing

Helping to process and cope with difficult emotions, including resentment, anger, shame, and guilt.

20+ hours of mindfulness

All our videos will be available to you anytime to watch offline.