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By creating a safe space, I aim for you to feel heard, understood and respected; using content and goals that you bring, to agree on a therapeutic approach that is a “good fit” for you.

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What lead you to this point? What happened to you?
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You are the expert in your own life, it is my job to see what tools I can use to support you.

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A confidential space for you to feel heard, understood and respected, working at your own pace.

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Explore the diverse therapy types available, from cognitive behavioural to humanistic, and find the right approach for your journey.

Mental Well-being

Tackling issues of anxiety and low mood to restore your mental balance.

Self-worth and Relationships

Enhancing self-confidence and addressing concerns in relationships and friendships.

Navigating Loss

Providing guidance through bereavement, loss, and the spectrum of emotions.

Personal Growth

All our videos will be available to you anytime to watch offline.

Emotional Processing

Helping to process and cope with difficult emotions, including resentment, anger, shame, and guilt.

20+ hours of mindfulness

All our videos will be available to you anytime to watch offline.

Explore the things in your life that need support.

Embark on a journey within Karin Young Counselling. From enriching resources that illuminate the path to healing, to expertise and support.

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From enlightening videos to insightful audio casts and materials – resources tailored for your journey.

Evidence-based materials

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Discover the heart and mind behind 'Karin Young Counselling'.
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Client Appreciation

Feedback from people who have used Karin Young Counselling

Emma Brown

"I have gained as much as I can at this current time. Thank you for your understanding and patience, I have felt validated and heard in our sessions."

Google Project Management
James Williams

"Karin helped make a significant positive change in my mental state in the space of 12 weeks. She provided practical solutions and was honest in feedback, pushing when necessary to get a breakthrough. Karin is a good listener and made me feel comfortable in opening up about areas of my life which I have never done so before. I would recommend Karin to anyone thinking about starting therapy and/or going through a difficult time."

UX/UI Designer Basics
Michael Johnson

"(Video Sessions) The sessions have been soo helpful in just grounding and checking in with someone so I’m not ready to give them up without a fight!

Amazon Sales Boost
Olivia Garcia

"Thank you Karin. It was really helpful to get tools to self-soothe and question my thought process. I've been thinking about race and impact on the past, abandonment of childhood. I felt Supported and now understand why i'm feeling better"

No-code development
Isabella Rodriguez

"The sentiments that come to mind when I think of Karin's approach to counselling and therapy is understanding, compassionate, sensitive and genuinely caring. I always felt safe delving into difficult and sometimes, traumatic experiences knowing that she had the professional expertise and cultural understanding to guide me through them sympathetically and sensitively. And though some sessions were difficult because I grappled with those experiences, I always felt a sense of catharsis afterwards and a sense of courage for doing so. I am forever grateful to Karin for that and for being there for me when I needed it the most."

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Isabella Rodriguez

"I can't stress how amazing Karin is. She has spent the last 8 months holding my hand through rock bottom, counselling me to a place where I felt empowered, seen, and equipped to deal with all the highs and low of life. Not only did my sessions with Karin provide a safe space for me to share, vent and unpack thoughts, feelings and trauma, but I truly felt like I was speaking to a friend. She is professional and yet her empathy and humanity shines through. I loved our sessions and I loved sharing freely with her - it was truly a safe space......"

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Isabella Rodriguez

"Brilliant discussion! and so useful for me as at a crossroads with so many things. Great to hear the questions in my head being discussed with other ppls experiences! xxx"

Dropshipping Masterclass
Isabella Rodriguez

"Your instagram live was awesome. Thank you for the work you do. Your making a difference! C"

Dropshipping Masterclass
Isabella Rodriguez

"Well my issue is that I don't hear from you but you're great!"

Dropshipping Masterclass

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