Couples Counselling

I’m ready to support you
A three way conversation

90 minute sessions

Building on the relationship you have to create more love and less conflict

For all couples

Neutral & confidential space

Comfortable setting

Relationship focused

How I can help you

Being an integrative therapist, I can draw on several approaches and techniques to personalise the sessions.

Shift workers or those with irregular working welcome.

Fee information

Please contact me for the latest fee information.

Counselling should be accessible for everyone.

Tools to support you

You are the expert in your own relationship and it is my job to see what tools I can use to support you.

In your own space

By creating a safe neutral space judgement-free, I aim for BOTH of you to feel heard, understood and respected.

Professional guidance

Insight, awareness, reflection and unconditional acceptance are just some of the things this unique relationship has to offer.

Collaborative working

A commitment to work together to identify and work through anything preventing growth and change.

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“Karin is a phenomenal counsellor/therapist”

An amazing listener who offers the most valuable advice and understanding. After every session, I felt like things made more and more sense.

" I've met myself with your encouragement"

Talking about my most vulnerable past has become my biggest strength. That helped me to give my pain and fear a voice and now soothe myself.

" Karin was the best decision
I made for myself"

I was able to build a build a great therapeutic relationship with Karin. This allowed me to be my 100% unfiltered self, making it easier to identify the areas I needed to work on.

I'm here to talk about it. Whether you want to discover ways to cope, challenge things or simply express yourself.  

Therapy is much more than just talking.

About me
The most important thing to me in counselling/therapy is building a relationship with you.

Contact: 07480 789673
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