What is counselling?

March 15, 2022

What is counselling?

Counselling is not advice giving, offering solutions or a quick fix. It is also not just giving support, anyone can do that! This is so much more; it enables change, growth and a place to discover choices. An empowering space where you invest time and energy in yourself once a week. 

Counselling is a boundaried amount of time for you to explore and solve problems. When we go to friends or family; they often bring their opinions and biases with them. Here, you have a space that holds a mirror up to you, so you can take a deeper, more honest look at yourself.

Boundaried means that there is an agreement between you and the counsellor about how you will work together. This includes things like confidentiality, restricted behaviour, time limits and what happens in an emergency. It also means that your counsellor has a duty of care to keep you safe in the sessions and to tell you when other services may be more appropriate.

The counsellor is there to help you become more reflective and focused. They are also there to make sure that you feel safe and contained throughout the session. Sometimes things can come up which may surprise you, so it is important for you to feel that you can trust your counsellor and share honestly what may be going on for you. There is no rule for how long this may take, it is important to take your time and go at your own pace.

 Many people benefit from counselling - children right the way up to our more senior members of society. Although the approach might be different, everybody gains. Having an impartial person to listen and hold space for you is invaluable, regardless of your age, background, ethnicity or personal experiences. 

People come for different reasons too but here are some of the most common: not feeling like yourself, feeling stuck or lost, struggling to reach a particular goal, wanting to find out more about yourself. It is a space to explore without judgement or exploitation and can be very validating.  

Here are some of the improvements people notice after a few sessions: increased self-esteem, reduced stress, improved mood, better sleep and more productivity just to name a few! 

So what's stopping you from giving counselling a try? Make an investment in yourself today. You may find these tips helpful 8 tips for choosing a therapist.

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