I quit in pursuit of what serves me!

September 7, 2022

If you told me that I would graduate and go on to have my own counselling business, I’d have said I can’t do that, maybe in 20 years.

My only goal was to graduate and get my dream job, which I did and it was amazing. But then what? That’s the thing about goals, when you reach it, you realise just how small it was and how much bigger it can be!

I was living my dream but then after 2 years, I realised my dream wasn’t big enough, I was struggling financially, trying to maintain a work life balance and ultimately made myself ill in the process. The stress was real and I really couldn’t see a way out. Many thought I had it made, my own business, my job, my properties but it took a huge toll on me and ultimately it took me away from everything I love the most. 


I quit struggling alone and asked for help, I shared my experiences and was honest with those I could trust.

I quit juggling my finances and gave the different streams up in exchange for my peace. 

I quit feeling stuck and found mentors to help me grow and gain clarity on how to move forward.

I quit mourning my losses and what could have been, that my life was not what I hoped and focused on what I wanted instead. 

I quit worrying about others and how they would perceive my choices, I know what's best for me and if I get it wrong at least I tried.

I quit trying to work against my body and chose to let it lead instead- this meant change and investing in my health in a way I have never done before. 

And FINALLY, I quit my dream job because all of the above is worth far more than what I am losing or have already lost. 

As of this week, I am redefining my life and lifestyle to prioritise the things I love and to work on my REAL goals. Not to get a dream job- working with children in a school but to:

  • serve and help people to better understand mental health
  • work with the community and many schools not just one
  • push myself and become more confident in who I am as a person, mother and role model.
  • be available to friends and family, for sleepovers, calls and impromptu visits anytime of the day. 

And my number 1 goal:  to show up fully for my daughter and myself, no work distractions. 

Here’s to quitting what no longer serves you, in pursuit of what does!

Right now I'm working on making these happen.

I can help you on your journey too, book now to get started, there's not time like the present!